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Jon Sternfeld



"A damning portrait" - Publishers Weekly
"Thorough and chilling" - New York Post 

"An essential volume" - E.J. Dionne 

With an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winner Timothy Egan, the riveting, eye-opening first-draft history of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unprepared is the sweeping history of the COVID-19 pandemic-a raw, primary-source accounting of the epoch-­defining event: a virus that first appeared in China in late 2019 and spread rapidly across the globe, killing hundreds of thousands, devastating economies, and changing the modern world forever.

A day-by-day chronicle of the response to coronavirus as it attacked, Unprepared gathers a range of public statements from President Trump and his administration, elected officials such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, leading journalists and scientists, and organizations from National Nurses United to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.
A haunting portrait of the world scrambling for answers while the number of cases rose alongside the death toll, the book reveals not only our strengths as a people, but also the fault lines and dysfunction that plague our nation in the new millennium.

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